Let’s have a Maccabi Fun Run Online!



Coronavirus has made social distancing necessary, but internet allows our Jewish communities to be united locally and globally online! We ask all the TOs to support the Global Maccabi Fun Run engagement and outreach across the world.

Global Maccabi Fun Run loves and supports the idea of Maccabi GB to organise a Maccabi Fun Run Online event where everyone can participate from home.


Invite your community members to your online Maccabi Fun Run where people can run, walk, hop or skip 1km, 5km or 10km at home.

Home Online? Yes!

If you are in lockdown:

  • Jog in your living room,
  • Stretch in your balcony,
  • Run around your garden.

If the COVID-19 Governmental Guidelines allow you to leave your home:

  • Wear running shoes and a mask,
  • Walk on your favourite streets,
  • Run in a green park,
  • Or just jump high and catch some fresh air outside.

Do you have your Maccabi Fun Run T-shirt or a medal from last year? Don’t hesitate to wear it! 😊

Whatever you can do, you can take part!

Furthermore, you and your community can support a charity of choice online too. Charities can be the usual Jewish non-profit organisations, or you can raise fund for Frontline Health Care Workers. Thank to PayPal, donations can be made online too.

Do not hesitate to show us how you train for the Maccabi Fun Run Online. Publish a post, make a video, and share your training on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use the hashtag: #MaccabiFunRunOnline


Let’s get all the Maccabi Fun Run Online events happen on the same date: 24th May 2020.


If you are a Maccabi TO or a local organiser, please contact us and we will help you organise and promote your virtual event.



Global Maccabi Fun Run Support Team: