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Maccabi Fun Run Glasgow

Maccabi Fun Run is an extraordinary community FUN and Charity Sport Day where people run or even walk together with, and for their favorite charity organization. 100% of your registration fee will be donated to the charity of your choice from our list! This is what makes Maccabi Fun Run a special community event, different from anything you have ever experienced!

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24th June 2018

Rouken Glen Park 

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Every ticket is a donation to your chosen charity organization from the list below. Take a look at what each charity aims to raise money for, and choose the one you like the most when you register! 

If you are a charity and would be interested in joining Maccabi Fun Run Glasgow to be a part of this Jewish community event and to raise funds, please contact us at

Maccabi Israel

Maccabi Israel promotes sport, healthy mind-body unity in almost 200 sport clubs around Israel. The main organisers of Maccabi Fun Run are volunteers with a mission to create a system that supports socially responsible charities and their communities.

Why to support them? Thank to Maccabi Fun Run several charities are able to have a community day, and receive donations from the tickets. Support Maccabi Israel to be able to help hundreds of people through the charities and make this event sustainable!

TLV LGBT Sports Club

Tel Aviv LGBT Sports Club aims to create a community of LGBT athletes in Tel aviv and in Israel. Check the picture of their participation on the first Maccabi Fun Run in Tel Aviv. They are joining this year too the represent the colorful Israeli society.

Why to support them? They aim to fight LGBT-phobia in sport, to empower individuals in and outside our club and to represents Tel Aviv’s LGBT community abroad. The club produce TAG- Tel Aviv Games, an international LGBT sports tournament.

Ichud Olam Synagogue

Ichud Olam at Ichud Shivat Zion (Ben Yehuda 86.) is a dynamic modern orthodox community of young families and professionals from diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds, and from all across the religious spectrum, who have moved to Tel Aviv to live in the heart of the modern Jewish State.

Why to support them? Help Ichud Olam to sponsor a big community kiddush where everyone is welcome for a Shabbat meal and lechaim! Help the Telavivian religious community to grow and enjoy having a home away from home!

180⁰ Sport

180⁰ is a social organisation with a vision of empowerment and social integration of people with disabilities through sports.  180⁰ realizes its vision by holding running groups for people with disabilities and volunteers who guide them, as well as groundbreaking educational programs that integrates children from special education schools and regular schools.

Why to support them: Support  180⁰, and help them expand their vision by helping children, youth and adults to integrate into society and realize their full potential.

Tel-Avivi Magyar Iskola és Óvoda / Hungarian School and Kindergarten in TLV

The Hungarian School and Kindergarten alias the Erfajim Kishon Educational Center helps the Hungarian community to keep the Hungarian traditions and values by providing them an educational program that follows the high Hungarian standards. 

Why to support them: Help the Hungarian School and Kindergarten to raise funds for games that improve the kids’ reading and writing skills! They are also aiming to buy a projector! Support them with your registration fee!

ERAN - Emotional First Aid

ERAN – Emotional First Aid: because strong people also have difficult moments. ERAN provides
Emotional First Aid services, offering initial response and emotional support on the phone 1201 and
online, while maintaining strict confidentiality and anonymity. ERAN always listening to you!

Why to support them? Supporting ERAN volunteers undergo special training to help young adults and youth cope with their special problems. Help those ones who are really in need. Support ERAN with your registration fee. 

Ha’Sharon Sexual Assault Crisis Center

Ha’Sharon Sexual Assault Crisis Center: Founded in 1984 as an independent Israeli, non-profit, volunteer based organization, Ha’Sharon Sexual Assault Crisis Center (RCC Sharon), is dedicated to
providing practical and emotional support and healing to survivors of sexual violence. They participated in the first Maccabi Fun Run and they are coming this year too. 

Why support them? Help them to end sexual violence through social change, prevention oriented community education and activism. 


There’s a Run for Everyone! 1 km for families, 5km for sporty young professionals and 10 km for those who really love to sweat after a good run! Sprint, Run, or just Walk with your loved ones! Join even with your baby stroller! 

By purchasing a ticket per person, you will have access to both routes and Fun Zones.  

1 km Fun Run/Walk

5 km Fun Run

10 km Fun Run


Join to donate your registration fee to your favorite charity on this Community and Charity event with whomever you like. Please choose the ticket that applies to you. One ticket is valid for ALL routes AND Fun Zones. Entering the Fun Zones without a ticket is not possible.

Single Ticket

Family Ticket (3ppl)

Family Ticket (4ppl)

Kid Ticket


The registration process is quick, easy, and straight forward. Follow the steps below to register and join your community!

Maccabi Chai
The Biggest International
Online Maccabi Community

The Maccabi Chai app allows Maccabi supporters and community members to join, get to know one another, chat, and learn about Maccabi organized events in Israel and all over the world. All of this is made possible on a safe guarded app which requires members to be approved in order to join. Start exploring the world of Maccabi today!

Registration Package

Every registered runner will receive a runner’s registration package. In this package you can find a branded Maccabi Fun Run T-shirt, a race number, a branded gold medal, access to the Fun Zones and some refreshments including banana and water.  


We will meet at the Rouken Glen Park to gather and get to know the charities who are taking part. Each charity will have their own booth which will allow you to get to learn more about their work. In this marketplace area you will also find FUN entertainment facilities! 

We will then hear short words of welcome followed by a warm up, and Zumba. We will also have a raffle where you can win great prizes! The 1km run will start first for the children and families. This is a great warm up lap for the other runners too! The 5km and 10km run will start right after and the event will come to a close with a cool down.  

Fun Zones

Many many FUN activities are waiting for you in the Maccabi Fun Run Community and Charity Event. By having a registration ticket you are able to enter to the Fun Zones!   

Fun Zone for Adults

As we said, this is a Fun Run so you can expect some FUN activities at the event!

Guest Speakers

Music and DJ

Warm-ups with Fitness & Zumba instructors

Fun Zone for Kids

Your little ones will also get a taste of the FUN with face painting, dancing, playing matkot, playing ball, juggling, hoola hooping, making soap bubbles, etc.

Face Painting

Family & Kids Race

Raffle Prizes

We are excited to host a raffle and allow you to win a special gift! Buy your raffle ticket at the event and try your luck at winning one of these incredible prizes. 

Valuable Prizes

Week by week we will launch the new prizes. Stay tuned! 


We would like to say a big thank you to our partners and sponsors who make this event possible! Your support for this cause is truly appreciated and means a lot to each and every participating charity. 

If you would like to become a Maccabi Fun Run partner, please contact us at 

Robin Ruth

Robin Ruth will gift the participants with fashionable City Bags. Come and pick up yours!

Switch Active

Switch Active is one of the the biggest sport production companies in Israel. They organised the Mud Run Tel Aviv with thousands of participants. They provide us all the Fun activities including Ninja Warrior obstacle game!

European Maccabi Confederation

The Maccabi Fun Run is the global community project of the European Maccabi Confederation (EMC). The EMC supports every Maccabi clubs around the globe to organise Maccabi Fun Run events for the local Jewish community.

More about Maccabi Fun Run

Maccabi Fun Run is an international Community and Charity day! The event takes place in 25 cities around the world including Paris, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Barcelona, Philadelphia, Kiev, London, Budapest, Helsinki and many more!


For more information about the global Maccabi Fun Run events please visit http:/

Each city aims to bring together its local community by involving local Jewish organizations and charities that are at the heart of Jewish life. Together, Maccabi facilitates an all-inclusive day that allows Jewish people to come together in doing good for charity while exercising!


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help.