Organiser: EMC & EMG Budapest

E-mail: support@maccabifunrun.org

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1st Maccabi Fun Run
during the European Maccabi Games

Take part in the most international Maccabi Fun Run! Maccabi Fun Run for the very first time will be organized during the European Maccabi Games! Regardless your sport join this super fun community event! Every athlete, every delegation member and every volunteer will be there! Registrations will be accepted only from those who have EMG badge.

Bring your flag and don’t be shy to paint the colors of your country flag on your face! We will have a flag competition! Be creative and run/walk with us to the Israeli Night!

Did you know that Maccabi Fun Run is organized in 30 cities around the world by extraordinary Maccabi friends and volunteers? They all will be there! Join the most enjoyable Maccabi Fun Run at EMG Budapest! Unforgettable experience!

A magyar közönség számára megrendezésre kerülő 9. Maccabi Fun Run Budapestről a magyar maccabi oldalán olvashattok.

Save the date!
1st August 2019
20:00-21:00 PM

Maccabiah Corner, Ludovika

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Delegations who will join the Maccabi Fun Run EMG Budapest

Maccabi Czech Republic – Maccabi France – Maccabi Gibraltar – Maccabi Great Britain – Maccabi Holland – Maccabi VAC Hungary – Maccabi Italy – Maccabi Israel – Maccabi Lithuania – Maccabi Poland – Maccabi Romania – Maccabi Serbia – Maccabi Slovakia – Maccabi South Africa – Maccabi Spain – Maccabi Ukraine – Maccabi USA

Are you missing your delegation? REGISTER now and we will immediately put your Maccabi organisation to our list! There’s a run for everyone!

All the volunteers are very welcome to join the event!


We LOVE SPORT and we even more love FUN! Run or Walk 5 rounds with us on the running track around the Maccabiah Corner in Ludovica! Are you ready for the most fun 5K you have ever run? 😉

A magyar közönség számára megrendezésre kerülő 9. Maccabi Fun Run Budapestről lejjebb olvashattok.

5 km Glowing Night Run with flags

Starts at 8 PM


Maccabi Fun Run is free! But registration is needed! You will get a Robin Ruth Budapest City Bag if your register through the Maccabi Chai official EMG app!

A magyar közönség számára megrendezésre kerülő 9. Maccabi Fun Run Budapestről a magyar maccabi oldalán olvashattok.

Delegation members




2 in 1! Download the free Maccabi Chai app and you will benefit in 2 ways:

You are GUARANTEED to get a Robin Ruth Budapest City Bag by downloading the app and registering for Maccabi Fun Run in the app. 

You will see all the news about EMG Budapest, the matches, the results and the Maccabi communities in the app!

Download the free Maccabi Chai mobile app and enjoy being a member of our online community! 

A magyar közönség számára megrendezésre kerülő 9. Maccabi Fun Run Budapestről a magyar maccabi oldalán olvashattok.

Maccabi Chai
The Biggest International
Online Maccabi Community

The Maccabi Chai app allows Maccabi supporters and community members to join, get to know one another, chat, and learn about EMG results and Maccabi organized events in Israel and all over the world. All of this is made possible on a safe guarded app which requires members to be approved in order to join. Start exploring the world of Maccabi today!

Registration Package

Every registered runner who has an EMG badge will receive a runner’s registration package. In this package you can find a branded Maccabi Fun Run T-shirt, a race number,  and some refreshments.  Everyone who downloads the Maccabi Chai app will get a Robin Ruth Budapest City Bag! The first three winners – women and man – will get a trophy on the stage of the Israeli Night! YAY!


19:45 – Receiving registration packages
20:00 – Motti Tichauer – Chairman of European Maccabi Confederation
            Barbara Burian, Noemi Dancsi, Stella Syrkin, Asaf Golansky – Organizing Team

20:10 – Warm up with Zumba and Fitness instructors              

20:15 – 5K Fun Night Run/Walk

20:50 – Raffle with exciting prizes

21:00 – Medal and Flag Ceremony with winners on the stage of the Israeli Night

Fun Zones

Many many FUN activities are waiting for you in the Maccabi Fun Run!    

Fintess & Zumba Warm-ups

Face Painting

Pose with your flag!

Selfie Zone


Guest Speakers , DJ, Glowing Night

Running together to the Israeli Night

Medal and Flag Ceremony with the winners on the stage of the Israeli Night

Party until morning

Raffle Prizes

We are excited to host a raffle and allow you to win a special gift! We have varying prizes including a food tasting tours, luxury perfumes, sport equipment and many more. Buy your raffle ticket for 300 HUF (1 Euro) at the event and try your luck at winning one of these incredible prizes. 

Valuable Prizes

More info coming soon!


We would like to say a big thank you to our partners and sponsors who make this event possible! Your support for Maccabi community is truly appreciated and means a lot to each of us. 

If you would like to become a Maccabi Fun Run partner, please contact us at support@maccabifunrun.org 

European Maccabi Confederation

The Maccabi Fun Run is the global community project of the European Maccabi Confederation (EMC). The EMC supports every Maccabi clubs around the globe to organise Maccabi Fun Run events for the local Jewish community.

More about Maccabi Fun Run

Maccabi Fun Run is an international Community and Charity day! The event takes place in 30 cities around the world including Paris, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Barcelona, Philadelphia, Kiev, London, Budapest, Helsinki and many more!


For more information about the global Maccabi Fun Run events please visit http:/maccabifunrun.org/

Each city aims to bring together its local community by involving local Jewish organizations and charities that are at the heart of Jewish life. Together, Maccabi facilitates an all-inclusive day that allows Jewish people to come together in doing good for charity while exercising!


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help.