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3rd Maccabi Fun Run Belgrade

Maccabi Fun Run is an extraordinary community FUN and Charity Sport Day where people run or even walk together with, and for their favorite charity organization. 100% of your registration fee will be donated to the charity of your choice from our list! This is what makes Maccabi Fun Run a special community event, different from anything you have ever experienced!

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28th June 2019

Lower city, Kalemegdan fortress

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Every ticket is a donation to your chosen charity organization from the list below. Take a look at what each charity aims to raise money for, and choose the one you like the most when you register! 

If you are a charity and would be interested in joining Maccabi Fun Run Tel-Aviv to strengthen your community while exercising and raising funds, please contact us at 

Maccabi Israel

Maccabi Israel promotes sport, healthy mind-body unity in almost 200 sport clubs around Israel. The main organisers of Maccabi Fun Run are volunteers with a mission to create a system that supports socially responsible charities and their communities.

Why to support them? Thank to Maccabi Fun Run several charities are able to have a community day, and receive donations from the tickets. Support Maccabi Israel to be able to help hundreds of people through the charities and make this event sustainable!

Unitaf - Caring for Children With No Israeli Status

Unitaf is a unique educational framework that brings together the local municipality, Israeli professionals, and strong women from the migrant and refugee community to provide excellent early-childhood care and learning centers.

Unitaf’s vision is to ensure the right of every young child to an egalitarian and appropriate education.

More than 5000 babies and children spend their lives in neglectful and harmful “Children’s  Warehouses” in south Tel-Aviv. Unitaf was created to give them a better future.

Mazone - Bring Hope, Aid and Smiles to the Most Needy

Mazone’s main mission is to bring kosher food aid to the ones who need it the most in Israel. Mazone’s action is based on a strong logistics (warehouses, refrigerated vehicles…)

In addition to food aid, Mazone supports families  in difficulty by addressing their specific needs including help to find a job, psychological help, children activities, school-tutoring.

Thanks to its social operations, Mazone managed to 48% of the families back into a normal life.

Mazone counts psychologists, lawyers, doctors, coaches, IT professionals as volunteers who help families every day.

Hilel - The Right To Choose

Hillel – The Right to Choose is an Israeli-nonprofit dedicated to helping young adults who have left the ultra-orthodox world integrate and lead successful lives as members of secular Israeli society.

Our participants have already made an independent decision to leave religious life and seek a different path. Our mission is to provide the tools, knowledge and support they need as they exercise their right to choose how to live, what to believe, and how to fulfill their enormous potential.

Ichud Olam Synagogue

Ichud Olam at Ichud Shivat Zion (Ben Yehuda 86.) is a dynamic modern orthodox community of young families and professionals from diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds, and from all across the religious spectrum, who have moved to Tel Aviv to live in the heart of the modern Jewish State.

Why to support them? Help Ichud Olam to sponsor a big community kiddush where everyone is welcome for a Shabbat meal and lechaim! Help the Telavivian religious community to grow and enjoy having a home away from home!

TLV LGBT Sports Club

Tel Aviv LGBT Sports Club aims to create a community of LGBT athletes in Tel aviv and in Israel. Check the picture of their participation on the first Maccabi Fun Run in Tel Aviv. They are joining this year too the represent the colorful Israeli society.

Why to support them? They aim to fight LGBT-phobia in sport, to empower individuals in and outside our club and to represents Tel Aviv’s LGBT community abroad. The club produce TAG- Tel Aviv Games, an international LGBT sports tournament.

180⁰ Sport

180⁰ is a social organisation with a vision of empowerment and social integration of people with disabilities through sports.  180⁰ realizes its vision by holding running groups for people with disabilities and volunteers who guide them, as well as groundbreaking educational programs that integrates children from special education schools and regular schools.

Why to support them: Support  180⁰, and help them expand their vision by helping children, youth and adults to integrate into society and realize their full potential.


Wizo is a voluntary organization of Zionist women for:
– The advancement of women’s status and the attainment of equality in legislation, society and the family, and in all spheres of life.
– Welfare of women, the family and the community, and improving quality of life in Israel.

Donate your registration fee to WIZO to allow them to continue their operation of help lines for women and men (one of a kind in Israel).

Pele - Creativity, Community, and Love

Pele is a community center, providing a home for those who are looking for make a meaningful change to themselves and to their environment and society as a whole.  
We believe that the way of reaching a vision is by creating strong community experiences. The participants of the Pele center take responsibility for the events and are a crucial part of its existence. 

Rett Syndrome Association

Rett syndrome is a genetic non-hereditary syndrome that can occur in any
family. The syndrome primarily affects girls and makes them totally dependent
on others. The “Silent Angels” lose communication ability and the ability to
use the hands, irregular breathing, scoliosis, seizures, decreased muscle
mass and problems in motor control. Since 2001 the Rett Syndrome
Association has been working to bring healing to the syndrome by promoting
and funding breakthrough medical research. These studies have succeeded
in “transforming” the defective gene and healing laboratory mice, creating a
unique opportunity: the syndrome can be cured. Moreover, follow-up studies
will also be breakthroughs for syndromes and other diseases, including
Parkinson, Alzheimer, autism and more.

Special Games Association - Inas Israel

Sports activities in 17 sports for 3,500 athletes with intellectual disabilities, autism and Down syndrome. Sports activities for children ages 4-8 and Unified activities for integrate athletes with and within the community. In addition, delegations of athletes to international competitions.

Why to support them? The donation will help the organization expand and develop sports activities throughout the country and will provide an equal opportunity for everyone to engage in sports that suits for them. In addition, the donation will help to send a delegation of athletes to European Maccabi Games in Hungary.

Tel-Avivi Magyar Iskola és Óvoda / Hungarian School and Kindergarten in TLV

The Hungarian School and Kindergarten alias the Erfajim Kishon Educational Center helps the Hungarian community to keep the Hungarian traditions and values by providing them an educational program that follows the high Hungarian standards. 

Why to support them: Help the Hungarian School and Kindergarten to raise funds for games that improve the kids’ reading and writing skills! They are also aiming to buy a projector! Support them with your registration fee!


There’s a Run for Everyone! 5 &10 km for sporty young professionals and 1 km for families! Sprint, Run, or just Walk with your loved ones! Join even with your baby stroller! Everyone is welcome!

By purchasing a ticket per person, you will have access to both routes and Fun Zones.  

1 km Family Run/Walk

Starts at 19:00

5 km Run

Starts at 19:30

10 km Run

Starts a 19:30


Join to donate your registration fee to your favorite charity on this Community and Charity event with whomever you like. Please choose the ticket that applies to you. One ticket is valid for ALL routes AND Fun Zones. 

Single Ticket

Family Ticket (3ppl)

Family Ticket (4ppl)

Kid Ticket


The registration process is quick, easy, and straight forward. 

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Registration Package

Every registered runner will receive a runner’s registration package. In this package you can find a branded Maccabi Fun Run T-shirt, a race number, a branded gold medal, access to the Fun Zones and some refreshments including banana and water.  


17:30 – Opening and Fun Zones (open during the entire event)
               Kick-boxing, Ninja-syle obstacle course, pyramid climbing wall, ring obstacles, inflatable tunnels
18:30 – Warm up for 1km
              Yoga-ball drumming, mini-trampolines, Zumba with Maayan
19:00 – 1km Family run/walk
19:20 – Motti Tichauer – Chairman of European Maccabi Confederation
             Naor Galili – CEO of Maccabi Israel
19:25 – Warm up with Barak Tzur – Switch Active
             Fitness Pump and Stretching  
19:30 – 5km Glowing Night Run
20:00 – Raffle with exciting prizes
21:00 – Fun Zones close

Fun Zones

Many many FUN activities are waiting for you in the Maccabi Fun Run Community and Charity Event. By having a registration ticket you are able to enter to the Fun Zones! 

Fun Zone for Adults

As we said, this is a Fun Run so you can expect some FUN activities at the event!

Warm-ups with Fitness & Zumba instructors

Music & DJ

Guest Speakers

Fun Zone for Kids

Your little ones will also get a taste of the FUN with face painting, dancing, playing matkot, playing ball, juggling, hoola hooping, making soap bubbles, etc.

Face Painting

Family & Kids Race

Raffle Prizes

We are excited to host a raffle and allow you to win a special gift!  Buy your raffle ticket at the event and try your luck at winning one of these incredible prizes. 

Valuable Prizes


We would like to say a big thank you to our partners and sponsors who make this event possible! Your support for this cause is truly appreciated and means a lot to each and every participating charity. 

If you would like to become a Maccabi Fun Run partner, please contact us at 

More about Maccabi Fun Run

Maccabi Fun Run is an international Community and Charity day! The event takes place in 25 cities around the world including Paris, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Barcelona, Philadelphia, Kiev, London, Budapest, Helsinki and many more!


For more information about the global Maccabi Fun Run events please visit http:/

Each city aims to bring together its local community by involving local Jewish organizations and charities that are at the heart of Jewish life. Together, Maccabi facilitates an all-inclusive day that allows Jewish people to come together in doing good for charity while exercising!


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help.

Please, contact via email