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3rd Maccabi Fun Run Vilnius

Maccabi Fun Run is an extraordinary community FUN and Charity Sport Day where people run or even walk together with their Jewish community. 100% of your registration fee will be donated to Maccabi Lithuania. Maccabi Fun Run is a special community event, different from anything you have ever experienced!

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8th September 2019

Vingio Park

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Every ticket is a donation to Maccabi Lithuania. Read more about Maccabi Lithuania, their life mission and social acitivties and help them achieve their goals. 

If you are a charity and would be interested in joining Maccabi Fun Run Vilnius to strengthen your community while exercising and raising funds, please contact us at 

Maccabi Lithuania

Maccabi Lithuania promotes sport, healthy mind-body unity and positive Jewish identity.

Maccabi Lithuania is dedicated to bring the Lithuanian Jewish community together through fun sport activities like Maccabi Fun Run.


There’s a Run for Everyone! 3 km for sporty young professionals and 1 km for families! Sprint, Run, or just Walk with your loved ones! Join even with your baby stroller! Everyone is welcome!

By purchasing a ticket per person, you will have access to all routes and Fun Zones.  

1 km Fun Run/Walk

3 km Fun Run


Join to donate your registration fee to Maccabi Lithuania on this Community and Charity event. Please choose the ticket that applies to you. One ticket is valid for ALL routes AND Fun Zones.

Single Ticket

Kid/Pensioner Ticket


The registration process is quick, easy, and straight forward. Follow the steps below to register and join your community!

Maccabi Chai
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The Maccabi Chai app allows Maccabi supporters and community members to join, get to know one another, chat, and learn about Maccabi organized events in Israel and all over the world. All of this is made possible on a safe guarded app which requires members to be approved in order to join. Start exploring the world of Maccabi today!

Registration Package

Every registered runner will receive a runner’s registration package. In this package you can find a branded Maccabi Fun Run T-shirt, a race number, a branded medal, access to the Fun Zones and some refreshments including water. The first 3 runners will receive a champion cup as well!  



Welcome Speeches

Maccabi Fun Run 1,5 km START

Maccabi Fun Run 3 km START

Sport Disco

Closing Ceremony with Awards

The exact event schedule will be uploaded in the month when the event will be organised.  

Fun Zones

Many many FUN activities are waiting for you in the Maccabi Fun Run Community and Charity Event. By having a registration ticket you are able to enter to the Fun Zones!  

Fun Zone for Adults

As we said, this is a Fun Run so you can expect some FUN activities at the event! We are proud to be partnering up with great sport instructors who will allow you to get warmed up for your run! 

Warm-ups with Fitness Instructors

Guest Speakers

Sport Disco

Singing & Dancing

Fun Zone for Kids

Your little ones will also get a taste of the FUN with dancing, playing ball games and doing other sport activities.

Special Warm-up for Kids

Mini Sport Disco

Mini Football

Family Selfie

Raffle Prizes

We are excited to host a raffle and allow you to win a special gift! We have varying prizes including dinner vouchers, tickets to Jewish cultural and educational programs, and many more. Buy your raffle ticket at the event and try your luck at winning one of these incredible prizes. 

Valuable Prizes

Week by week we will launch the new prizes. Stay tuned! 


We would like to say a big thank you to our partners and sponsors who make this event possible! Your support for this cause is truly appreciated and means a lot to Maccabi Lithuania. 

If you would like to become a Maccabi Fun Run partner, please contact us at 

Robin Ruth

Robin Ruth will gift the participants with fashionable City Bags. Come and pick up yours!

European Maccabi Confederation

The Maccabi Fun Run is the global community project of the European Maccabi Confederation (EMC). The EMC supports every Maccabi clubs around the globe to organise Maccabi Fun Run events for the local Jewish community.

Good Will Foundation

The Good Will Foundation is dedicated to distribute funds provided by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania for the religious, cultural, health care, sports, educational and scientific goals pursued by Lithuanian Jews in Lithuania in a transparent, fair and effective manner.

Lithuanian Jewish Community

Since 1989, the foundation of the Lithuanian Jewish Community, the organisation is dedicated to build a vibrant Jewish social life with educational, historical and cultural programmes.

More about Maccabi Fun Run

Maccabi Fun Run is an international Community and Charity day! The event takes place in 25 cities around the world including Paris, Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Barcelona, Philadelphia, Kiev, London, Budapest, Helsinki and many more!


For more information about the global Maccabi Fun Run events please visit http:/

Each city aims to bring together its local community by involving local Jewish organizations and charities that are at the heart of Jewish life. Together, Maccabi facilitates an all-inclusive day that allows Jewish people to come together in doing good for charity while exercising!


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help.